Secret Club of Football & Rugby

Hello there, guys of São Paulo! I’m on a mission to find the best athletes in the city to develop a smashing team. If you’re amazing at football or rugby and want to take your career to the next level, listen up because this is your chance.

As a manager and athlete, I really know stuff about sports and exactly what you need to stand out. Just imagine: personalised personal training sessions, yoga classes to get your body ripped and your mind sharp, all while you learn British English so you can nail those international interviews. And the best part: the top players in the team will have the opportunity to have me as their manager. This means doors wide open for great contracts, sponsorship negotiations, and a well-managed career.

With a manager like me in the game, you can focus on what you do best while I take care of things behind the scenes. That’s not all. These days, a good athlete needs to know how to market themselves, and that’s where I come in full force.

Besides physical and technical training, I’ll give you that boost in digital marketing and management of your social media networks. We’ll work together to create your personal brand and make you explode on the internet. With my experience as a top level athlete and now as a manager, I can guide you along the best paths for you to shine on and off the pitch.

If you’re up for joining this game and being part of a team that will take you far, get in touch with me. Let’s go, our Brazil is waiting for you to show the world the talent we’ve got!

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