Your Ideal Career

Forget about age, we’ll always have plenty of time and opportunities to change our career path. All we need to do is self-access ourselves.

Unique Selling Points

Each and all of us is unique yet genetics play a huge role in helping us to find and explore those specific selling points about us.  Finding those special features are crucial when trying to discover what our ideal job is.


A good starting point is via asking yourself these question: What am I knowledgeable about? By being aware of what you’re an expert at, you’ll extract what matters in your life.


Next, you are ready to analyse if the skills, on what you hold extended knowledge, are at the same level where the knowledge stands. For example, you may be knowledgeable about algebra however you haven’t yet applied those quantitative calculations to solve real human problems. You can use all that expertise to make our galaxy a better place. It’s a tricky thing to explore however by learning how to interconnect knowledge and skills, you will find what’s unique about your soul.


Via living in the present moment and trying different things in life,  we learn how simple life is and that powerful experimental process eliminates any complex concern about the future.


What’s the direction you want your life to take?  I believe that finding ourselves is not only a matter of finding what is special about us. It’s a matter of discovering a purpose in life so do what makes your soul happy.