Rebranding Yourself

2020 has already left a mark on us but what are you doing to rebrand yourself? Start the week by looking at what’s necessary for you to take the right actions so your personal brand can look fresh and current. Have you already updated all of your social media platforms? Have you done a home-made […]

Humble Village in São Paulo

 Coming from a humble village in the suburbia of São Paulo in Brazil has taught me a lot. There were no privileges and I’ve always had to learn and adapt fast to prevail over challenges. Here I am, on the other side of the world, working towards establishing myself professionally in Berlin. It sounds incapable […]

Your Ideal Career

Forget about age, we’ll always have plenty of time and opportunities to change our career path. All we need to do is self-access ourselves. Unique Selling Points Each and all of us is unique yet genetics play a huge role in helping us to find and explore those specific selling points about us.  Finding those […]