The Ultimate Focused Entrepreneur Motivational Guide

If you are an entrepreneur, it’s important to stay focused on your daily tasks. In order to do that, you need to avoid all distractions and focus only on the most important aspects of your day. 

Once you’ve isolated yourself from the world and have a lot of time alone with your thoughts, it’s time to write notes and record your progress. Write down your daily goals and how you plan to achieve them. Record your progress in order to double check if you are making real progress towards achieving those goals. 

When you write down what you’ve accomplished during a certain period, it helps keep you engaged throughout that project milestone. Your notes also give you an idea of where you want to execute next, which will help guide you towards achieving goals faster than ever before!

Implement incremental changes. By taking small steps instead of giant changes overnight, you can ensure that you are not overwhelmed at any given point in time and are better able to stay focused on what really matters the most when working towards goals as an entrepreneur. 

Staying focused while creating content is to avoid all distractions. This means turning off your phone and blocking out time on your schedule, so that you are free to focus on your development process. You have heard it correctly. If you want to be productive, you will have to stop catching up with your friends, partner, flatmates and family members as well. It’s your time to shine as an entrepreneur, you have to cut out all the noise!

Isolate yourself until you feel that you’re in control of your daily tasks. You need time alone without being bombarded with distractions.

Believe in yourself, don’t give up! Even if you feel overwhelmed because of the workload ahead of you, it will be worthwhile once you accomplish what you set out to do! 


Focused, Knowledgeable, Dedicated, Powerful and Organised!

For the last few months, I’ve been focused on taking all the niche ideas that I work on to the next level.

I have been putting a lot of work into it. I’ve learnt a tremendous amount of new things. It has expanded my knowledge to a high professional level.

I want you to check everything that I have been up to. Choose a niche topic that you are interested in and connect with me on that platform.

Secret Advert is a community that focuses on digital marketing analytical intelligence business solutions.

Secret Yoga Sutra is designed to teach professional individuals how to practise yoga, pranayama and meditation.

IMMPJ is an institution dedicated to finding political and economical solutions for the global community.

MMJ which is my personal profile where I use my name, talking about more personal things that happen to me professionally.

Secret Personal Trainer is a community that helps professional individuals to improve their fitness lives.

Secret Group is a community where smart influencer marketing individuals create ideas and support each other. 

As you can see, I’ve had not much time for doing anything else rather than focus on the hobbies and activities that I’m passionate about in life.

Wishing you a lovely Sunday. 

MJ @ I’M MJ 

Why Speaking Multiple Languages Is Vital To Entrepreneurs

Becoming the ideal entrepreneur is about learning new skills in order to make informed decisions about your business and its direction. Learning different languages and cultural nuances allow you to do just that. This is because speaking many languages enables you to interact with a larger target market. You’re also able to understand another culture which allows you to easily assimilate into that culture.

My personal entrepreneur journey was only possible because I was able to quickly learn multiple languages at the same time. The world is becoming ever more connected because entrepreneurs should speak at least three different languages. It does give entrepreneurs an edge as speaking many languages helps one make more informed global decisions. In this day and age, it’s important to adapt to trends and cultures efficiently. 

If you have an international business, your employees need to know how to communicate with people from different countries and backgrounds. This also applies to hiring decisions: If you hire someone who speaks a different language, that person will be able to help grow your company’s brand abroad. 

It’s not just about speaking multiple languages, but also about understanding different cultures and how they interact with one another. The world has become a small place, where we are all interacting with each other in one way or another. As entrepreneurs, we need to prepare ourselves for this new reality by learning as much as possible about other cultures around the world.

Entrepreneurs need to know how to communicate in various languages. Speaking only English is not enough anymore. Today’s entrepreneurs must also speak multiple languages if they want to stay ahead of the pack. If you can’t do this, you will miss out on business opportunities and have a much harder time growing your business from a global perspective.

I’m starting a series in which you will be able to learn a couple of languages with me. Subscribe to the website so you’ll get email updates about it. 

MJ @ I’M MJ  

How to use Rytr for free

It’s unbelievably powerful and affordable. Rytr has inspired me to write content ideas 10 times faster.

I’m MJ and a passionate professional individual. I spend a lot of time in front of my computer. As a result, I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my productivity. That’s why when I heard about Rytr, it seemed like the perfect answer to my work flow.

I’ve been now able to utilise my free time in more productive ways, and I’ve noticed that ever since I started using this Rytr writing tool, I’ve got a lot more focus every day.

Rytr is an AI that is designed to help you to write better and faster. It learns how you write, so it can give you feedback on your sentences and even generate new ones for you.

It uses AI to generate thousands of sentences every minute, from which it selects the best ones according to your needs.

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Wishing you a productive day!